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Tips For Setting Up a Baby Girl Nursery

When setting up a baby nursery, consider positioning the feeding chair near the nightlight. This will prevent you from turning on the lights during late feedings. A lit room encourages a baby to stay awake instead of drifting back to sleep peacefully. Here are some tips for setting up a baby girl nursery. You may be surprised by how much of a difference it makes! And with a few changes to your decor, you'll have an entire room fit for your first baby.

baby nursery bedding


Choose baby nursery bedding that's both stylish and safe. You can also choose from several different types of baby bedding depending on the nursery's theme. Some children love cartoon characters, which means you can find baby bedding with the characters they love most. Look for items made of natural materials, such as organic cotton or bamboo, that can withstand repeated washings. Other options include sports-themed bedding for sports-loving babies, or Disney Classics for a baby who is a fan of the cartoons.


When selecting baby nursery bedding, make sure to choose one that's gender-neutral. This way, you can change the look of the nursery over time, while still sticking to the overall aesthetic. You can also buy nursery bedding that's gender-specific for boys, if you'd like. Remember that the most comfortable bedding for your baby will accommodate both you and your partner. You can even mix and match a variety of baby decor and blankets if you're feeling adventurous!


You can also create a themed nursery without breaking the bank. You can use the Internet, discount stores, and yard sales to find unique items that reflect your child's personality. Browse through baby magazines for ideas for gender-neutral nursery bedding, gender-neutral baby bedding, and more. Many parents choose to decorate their nurseries based on their own childhood memories. For example, if you're having twins, you may choose baby bedding that is gender-neutral, so you can choose the nursery bedding that matches your child's gender.

baby nursery fabric


Your choice of fabric for baby's nursery must be conducive to rest, and colors that stimulate the senses are not ideal. Choose neutral colors or prints with touches of purple to keep your baby content. For a more upbeat look, consider fabric with stripes or floral patterns. You can find cute fabrics for nursery and kids' rooms at Decorative Fabrics Direct. If you're in a hurry, you can find fabrics in baby-friendly colors at Decorative Fabrics Direct.


Choose from the numerous fabric choices available in baby-friendly colors and prints. You can find fabric for all kinds of baby-themed creations, including quilt panels, home decor, and clothes. Some fabric choices are gender specific, while others are unisex. It's important to know the gender of your child before choosing fabric for baby's nursery. Be sure to choose fabric that coordinates with her personality and style. This way, you can create the perfect nursery decor that your little one will love.

baby girl nursery


For a girly feel, go with a color scheme that is both playful and girly. For example, a nursery in a soft pink with scalloped trim and a capiz chandelier will be a fun and playful mix. Whitewashed wood and woodland plush toys add warmth to a baby girl's nursery. Wicker items like trays and pillows are a classic addition to a girly nursery.


While pink is the most common color used in baby girl nurseries, there are other shades of pink you can consider. These include navy blue, forest green, soft coral, and deep purple. To incorporate these colors into your nursery, look for accent walls, or use coordinating wallpaper, rugs, and curtains. You can also incorporate prints of the colors into the room. While pink is the most common color for a girl's nursery, other colors may be more appropriate as accents.


Another great way to incorporate girl elements is by adding accent trees. They can be real or fake, but they bring the outdoors inside. You can also add accents of gold, including soap holder pumps and neon "I'm new here" signs. If your nursery is a monochromatic space, adding a tree branch or two could add a splash of color. Alternatively, a giant fluorescent mural would make an excellent focal point.


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